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Culture's Vultures Miss Point

Saturday May 17, 2008
I DON'T want the National Gallery filled with numb landscapes. If all portraits exactly resemble their subject then why not just look at photographs? And just because I'd rather have my small intestine removed through my left nostril without anaesthetic than sit through six hours of Balinese shadow puppetry, I don't necessarily think the world would be a better place without it.

From Pottery To Ceramics, Via A Good Set Of Waves

Saturday March 8, 2008
LEX DICKSON 1951-2008

Homebush Bay, The Mediterranean Of The West

Sunday March 13, 2005
CAPRI. Mykonos. Santorini. Portofino. You're getting the drift now, right? The Waterfront development at Homebush Bay is definitely trying to get a message through that the project has a Mediterranean feel.

Bure And Simple Attractions

Sunday September 22, 2002
THE ladies of Nakabuta have never bothered to reinvent the wheel for their pottery business.

Sea Change Still Sees Chadwick At The Wheel

Saturday June 10, 2000
VIRGINIA Chadwick is still turning wheels, just a different kind. After more than 20 years as Hunter State parliamentarian and Coalition Government Minister for Education, Mrs Chadwick has opted for a sea change. The unflappable hairdo has settled somewhat and the flash of bright lipstick ton

Retirees More Sophisticated

Wednesday July 17, 1996
Today's self-funded retirees expect landscaped gardens and modern facilities, writes KEN MATHERS . DESIGNING a retirement village is not just a matter of putting bricks and mortar together - the main objective is to create a pleasant way of life for people, says Geoffrey Twibill, a Sydney archite

At The High-tech Crossroads

Monday October 17, 1994
There are lessons for teachers, too, as computers in education move beyond the pinball stage. Christopher Richards reports. COMPUTERS line a row of tables at a presentation by the Directorate of School Education in Melbourne. Government school chiefs do not intend to be found lagging behind the

Ultimate Meals On Wheels

Friday June 24, 1994
Railway fare doesn't need to be warm beer, curly-edged sandwiches and pie with dead horse. Ben Hills goes on a gastronomic tour of japan without leaving the comfort of his train. THE passengers begin lining up at the doors before the sleek diesel- electric train pulls into the tiny village of Yo

The Living Legacy Of A Pioneer Potter

Sunday June 20, 1993
IVAN McMeekin had a lifelong passion - the pursuit of the beauty of Chinese pottery. After World War II, McMeekin was in the merchant navy, which meant sailing in ships that traded up and down the Chinese coast. It was while on shore leave there that he was able to see and handle pots from

Clay Puts Hand And Brain In Touch

Wednesday April 14, 1993
POTTERY students at Willoughby Park Centre can set their own pace and direction, says their teacher, Mrs Sue Buckle. "I teach them techniques which they can use to satisfy their own ideas and explore their own creative needs," she said. "People's faces just light up w

Better Facilities For Performing Arts School

Thursday November 30, 1989
THE NEWTOWN High School of the Performing Arts, which opened in 1987, takes charge of new premises today at the corner of King and Newman streets. The first school of its kind in NSW, it is a comprehensive, coeducational high school with emphasis on music, dance, drama and rhythmic gymnast

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